My name is Chloe and I’m about 7 months old. I am not too big and not too small – the doctor says I will be about 45 lbs. I think I am just right! I’m not sure who my birth parents were but everyone says I’m really cute, although I am a little self-conscious about the long scar on my back.

I guess I did something really bad but I don’t know what because my first human parents pored something very hot on me and it burned me to the bone. Then they dropped me off on that dark scary road. I don’t know how long I was there but my back hurt really bad and I was so hungry.

Finally a nice man stopped and picked me up and took me to the doctor and I’m all better now. My foster parents have to go away soon so I’m looking for a forever home with nice parents and if I have brothers and sisters that would be okay too. I don’t care if they talk, bark, or even purr as I love everyone!

Oh, I guess I should say I am up to date on routine vaccinations and have been spayed. I am even microchipped.


Hi guys, Eden here! The lady who took me to my spay appointment called me a "pint sized cutie", so I guess that means I'm small and adorable! I absolutely adore people, the more folks to cuddle with and give me belly rubs the better! I'm great with children and don't mind cats, but to be honest I would prefer to be in a home with no other dogs.

Let's see, what are some good things about me? Well, I walk pretty nicely on a leash. I take treats gently, and know how to sit when my people tell me to. I'm still working on my housebreaking, since my previous owners didn't work with me much, but I sleep quietly in my crate...that makes up for it, right? I promise to be a really good girl and fill your life with love, all you have to do is contact the rescue who saved me and give me the chance of a lifetime.


Percy, a Plott Hound, is just under 40 pounds and 2-3 years old. He is very affectionate, great with kids, and loves to run and play so an active family and a fenced yard is a plus. He sleeps in a crate at night and is house trained, leash trained and is learning basic commands.  Percy is vaccination current and is neutered.


Dixie is a 2 year old 44lb female terrier mix. She is a sweet energetic dog that will do very well being the only household pet. She is very smart and is leash trained in addition to knowing some basic commands. She loves attention and giving kisses back. Dixie will do best as the only dog in the house. She is very possessive of her toys and does not like to share them. She is spayed, vaccination current and micro chipped.


My name is Freckles and I'm a smooch-a-holic ! I have a problem of smooching humans that pet me and do the silly baby talk to me!

This sweetheart loves to be petted and give smooches as your reward. She is a hound-bird dog mix. At less than 2 years old, she is smart enough to know her black "freckles" that dot her soft white fur are very striking and draw you to her. She has long black velvet ears that the tips are white, so they show off her black freckles. Her long slender white neck can stretch and reach your lips if you lean in, and her flowing white tail swishes away when happy!

Freckles enjoys her human foster family and thinks she is only 7 lbs not 47, when trying to snuggle and nap in your lap! Not a big barker when outside, and only if strange people or dogs come up to her. No food aggression, except when it comes to bones, they belong only to Freckles and she won't share them! Does great going for car rides, but needs some work with leash training.

Smooching humans; playing with other dogs, or sitting pretty to be petted are just some of Freckles traits!

So meet and be prepared for kisses with Freckles ...


Hello my names Bullseye! I’m the handsome brother to Freckles. I’m a little shy at first- guess she got all the pushiness (in a good way) -  but with lots of pets and  love I’ll be your cuddle buddy forever! I love going out side and will sit patiently by the door for you! Let me be your sidekick on your next adventure!


Mountain is an 11 month old Lab Shepard mix with lots of energy and a love for meeting new people and dogs. Mountain would be a good pet for a family with active kids/teenagers or someone with a more active lifestyle. Mountain loves playing with his rope, chasing after his favorite orange squeaky ball, exploring, and giving lots of attention and kisses. He's a good boy who needs a good loving home.


My name is Simon! I am an American Pitbull Terrier approximately 2 years old, weighing around 60 pounds. I am up to date on my vaccines, flea and heartworm preventative, microchipped, and neutered!

My fosters tell me I have brought their family so much joy having me in their home. They fell in love with me almost instantly, and if they had more space would most certainly keep me. That's how loveable I am!

A little about me:

- I am housebroken

- I am crate trained (to sleep but would MUCH rather sleep in your bed!!)

-Know how to sit, lay down, and roll over (for treats of course!)


-Children! (there are 8 of them here to play with ages 1 year and up)

-To play with other dogs (I've only met spayed females so far)

-To run outside! (MUST have tall fencing, because I know how to climb and jump to come find you if you are not with me!)

-Water! (kiddie pools are a lot of fun!)

-To play tug with another doggie friend!

-Durable toys and real bones

-YOUR bed! Or couch! Or.. anywhere YOU are!

-Treats! (cheese is my favorite!! or meaty treats too. please no dry biscuits, yuck! )

I don't like..

-Being alone (I am NOT an outside dog, nor do I enjoy being outside to play without you unless I have a friend to play with while I'm out there)

-Goats and rabbits (what are those things anyway?!?!)

I am an excellent listener, and a very fast learner!

I didn't know what cats were before coming to live with my fosters who have several. I like to play with them, but they let me know I get too rough sometimes, after all I'm a big teddy bear! And if they run, well who doesn't love to play chase?!

Since I love water I also love bathtime!

My fosters introduced me to a leash and I go out on it to potty, but they keep telling me to stop pulling so hard, so I am working on that!

Once you meet me you will love me just as much as my foster family does. They tell me I am the perfect dog!


Hi, I'm Ringo. I'm a lovable adult male, lab mix but definitely a puppy at heart. My foster mom says I'm a very good boy, I'm up to date on shots, microchipped, fixed and I'm house broken. I like running and playing, I get along with other dogs. I love lots of belly and ear rubs, and lots of love and attention. I enjoy intense cat watching, I walk good on a leash, like nice comfy dog beds and cuddling on the couch. I'll sit for treats and enjoy special treats like peanut butter and on special occasions whipped cream. You cant buy love but you sure can rescue it, and I've got plenty of love to give.


Hawkeye is a 5 month old lab/hound mix that's looking for a loving home. Although the movies and his name would suggest that he's rough and tough, Hawkeye would actually prefer to be in your lap snuggling with you. Hawkeye is shy, so it may take him time to open up to you, but once he does, be prepared for a ton of dog kisses!

He is still overcoming stairs, and he's still skeptical of cats (but then again, who isn't at times LOL). Although he is shy, he will access his inner Avenger, and protect you from falling leaves, sticks, and those pesky Hydra squirrels!

Hawkeye is up to date on all of his vaccinations, and has been neutered. Hawkeye does enjoy playing outside and being a typical puppy, so if you are interested in Hawkeye, please contact ARF of Jesup, GA or his Foster Mother to set up a meet and greet


Truffles is a sweet 40 lb Chocloate brown bulldog with a splash of white on her chest.

This precious girl is less than a year old; house broken, loves kids and giving kisses!

Gets along great with others dogs, tolerates cats if she has to. Loves to go for car rides and walks great on leash. She thinks she a lap dog, and prefers watching cartoons with the kids, but will watch football with the adults. She loves to snuggle in human beds with the kids, but will sleep on a doggie bed near them. Truffles isn't a barker, unless she wants to alert you to pay attention. Truffles loves toys, and just loves to be with humans! She is waiting for her furever family.


Milo LOVES to play! He has a lot of energy and can go as long as you can. He is quite spoiled and sleeps in bed with his fosters. He usually goes outside on a leash so knows how to walk and behave when leashed. Milo is good with kids, he loves car rides and especially loves cuddles! He is still a chewer, though, so it is best to crate him if he is home alone.


Smokey is a male long haired dachshund about 3 years old. He weighs 18 pounds. He’s very sweet and likes to be right where you are. He is very nervous around small children so he would not be a good fit for a family with children under 10 - 12 years of age. He is a little anxious sometimes, but relaxes with a little attention. He is house trained, and crate trained, although he doesn’t like the crate much. He is ok with other dogs as long as HE gets all the attention! He will be great as the only pet or maybe with one other dog. He’s loves to take walks, or just lie beside you on the couch. He likes to sleep in the bed with his person. He loves to eat so he will need to be fed at meal time and not free choice as he might over eat. He will make the right person a wonderful loving pet.


Princess is a small framed pit bull mix. She has been evaluated and qualified as a Emotional Support Dog. Needs a few more steps to be certified. She can sit, lay, and stay with hand signals.

She is calm around other dogs, even when they get playing rough or excited. She is used to young children using her as a pillow or petting her to calm down when they are upset, or hugging her when happy. She is very mellow, loves to be next to humans.

Princess will sit by the door when she needs to go potty. She doesn’t mind short car rides, but prefers not to go on long trips.

She is less than 3 years old, and about 45 lbs. Princess loves to snuggle, and if your lucky, she’ll snore while snoozing on your lap! Loves her doggie bed, but her human bed with people contact is her favorite!


Riley is a 3 year old female hound mix, found as a stray, who loves to play and gets along well with other animals (she is currently fostered with one cat & one other dog). She is energetic and fun but also very cuddly and loving. She is fixed and up to date on vaccines. She is crate trained and house trained. Riley is being fostered in the Tampa, FL area .


Chance is making great progress on being house trained! He sleeps in his own bed in the house at night but sometimes he will finagle his way into his foster’s bed – and is allowed to stay there. He really does not like being put in a crate but, when necessary, tolerates it if he is given something to chew on. He prefers having female dogs over male dogs for company. He likes to play fetch if you throw his toys and balls. Car rides are a favorite activity for Chance PROVIDED he has something comfy to lie on – maybe just a little bit spoiled? Chance is a goofy, sweet dog who likes to show his affection for you by cuddling, hugging and just being near you.


Vera is great with kids and people! Vera is an inside/outside dog. She comes into the house with her foster mom during the day but she sleeps outside in her kennel at night. Her favorite spot when she is inside during the day is lying on the couch next to her foster mom. She is very much a “lap dog”. She tends to be nervous around other dogs. She would do well as a family’s only dog!


Betty, a 6-8 year old Lab mix weighing about 35 lbs, was found chained to a tree at the home of a deceased individual. ARF was called in to help. We took 6 large breed dogs, Betty included, into our system. Betty was severely injured as she had been attacked by a loose dog. Her head and neck were swollen twice normal size and she had several large gaping wounds. After 9 days at the veterinary hospital (bill of about $1000) and a month of treatment in her foster home her injuries have healed. She may always have a few tale-tale scars. When she was able to walk we discovered, through x-rays, she has degenerative joint disease. That said, she is a sweet, loving little girl! She does well with the other dogs in her foster home. She still enjoys toys, cuddles, and the company of other dogs who are not extremely active. We hope an individual who is looking for a great companion will offer Betty the perfect home to call her own during her sunset years! Betty is house trained, spayed, micro chipped and up to date on vaccinations. Her adoption fee may be negotiable to the right home


This good looking hunk is a 70 pound English Setter mix.  He is aged at about 3 years old. He know some commands - "sit", "stay" and "fetch".  Charlie is vaccination current, neutered and micro chipped.   He would be quite happy to be the only dog in a home that has a fenced yard for play time.  He is vaccination current, neutered and micro chipped.


Are you looking for a "settled" dog that is great with kids and dogs of all sizes?  Do you want one that is crate trained, walks great on a leash, sleeps on a doggie bed at night, loves to snuggle and even gets along with cats?  Consider our 4 year old Leo!


Cyrus is an approximately 2 yr old. white and red male bulldog who thinks he's still the size of a puppy. He is a very active and energetic dog that loves to chase anything that moves. He can jump extremely high and loves any toy you give him. He also has a softer more loving side. His favorite thing to do is cuddle up on the couch next to you and "watch TV". Cyrus is completely house broken, no signs of food aggression with humans, he is very intelligent, quick to learn commands and he thrives on routine. Cyrus is not a very trusting dog so he has some difficulty warming up to people, but once he does he is extremely loyal and eager to please. Snacks, praise and consistency seem to be what works best. He needs a home without other pets or small children. Cyrus would do well with someone with a strong and assertive demeanor that has experience with bully breeds and a lot of patience. He also needs a large enclosed yard with at east a 6 foot fence as he can easily jump that high.