Jax is deaf. He had been in the county pound for THREE MONTHS with zero interest. The only rescue willing to pull him has pitbull fosters, and none of them wanted to take on a deaf herding/sporting dog. Nobody that came in the pound looking to adopt would give Jax a second look . I can't totally blame them, they can be a handful if you don't know what to expect.

Despite the shelter's best efforts to get him out, Jax had run out of time.

Luckily we ran across his handsome mugshot and were eager to spring him to freedom. A challenge has never stopped us from saving a life before, and it wouldn’t start with Jax.

Jax does very well for himself considering his shortcomings. We assume he’s was born deaf, because he knows the ropes of dog hood and needs no help to get around. He can be guarded and fearful of quick/fast movements.

He does well on a leash, in the crate, and in the home. He has shown no issues with other dogs or any human he’s met thus far.

He will need a home that can keep him safe as you can’t just simply call him back if he runs away from you.

He is very friendly and playful and would love a home with an active or adventurous family!