SALEM is a sweet female lab mix puppy. Her black fur with white paws and chest,  is so soft and she's just under 30 lbs. 

She'll be a smaller size lab once she done growing.

Currently she's about 6 months old.

She is shy at first, but at her foster home - its play time and kisses.   Loves big dogs, inside cats - and loves to dig outside. Outdoor cats;  its chase them down until one of us wears out! Loves being outdoors - the dog park is her favorite play area.

Already spayed, utd on shots & microchipped 

this little beauty will be adopted quickly !

So make a date for a meet and greet...1st fill out the ARF adoption form on our website: ARFOFWAYNECOUNTY.ORG

(no obligation to adopt) . Once completed; contact the Animal Refuge of Wayne County @ 912-586-6198.  


Hawkeye is about a year old - a sweet heinz 57 mix! 

Hound - Lab & a bit of German Shepard.  This baby loves being the king in his castle.   

Less than a year old he's a puppy and growing to a good size loveable sweetheart.  Since he's out of the chewing phase, he is ready for his furever home!

Depending on the lighting,  his glistening white fur has spots of either black leather, to brown suede.    Hawkeye gets along great with another dog his age and size in the house.  Needs the standard meet and greet protocal when introducing him to other dogs, since he enjoys being the alpha male.  Cats - a quick sniff then off to play with his doggie buddies.  Unknown on kids as his foster family only has a variety of furbabies (cats and dogs).

Currently uses a doggie door, and is fast in learning basic commands. Hawkeye is housetrained, and loves his big fluffy doggie bed.

So grab this beautiful furbaby and make your family complete.

So make a date for a meet and greet...1st fill out the ARF adoption form on our website: ARFOFWAYNECOUNTY.ORG

 (no obligation to adopt) .  Once completed; contact the Animal Refuge of Wayne County @ 912-586-6198.  


LUNA is a precious ARF moon goddess ! This quiet, slender girl is less than 2 years old and almost knee high. At less than 50 lbs her golden brown short fur shines over her long white belly and chest. ARF calls her mellow yellow...

Luna – ARF's mellow yellow is very caring and wants her furever home. Currently in a foster home with so many dogs and puppies to play with, plus kids, she gets tired after a full day! She loves to play catch, and just ignores cats. When she gets tired - she finds a quiet corner spot to stretch out. Luna is somewhat shy at first meeting, but some short soothing words, that long tail starts wagging and kisses galore come pouring out.

Luna...this sweet, family lab..she's your girl. Kids, dogs, cats, a doggie bed and she's ready to move in. Already house trained, can use a doggie door, and loves to be the lab tester on anything on the edge of the table. Luna is so helpful she even helps with cleaning under the high chair - so no broom is needed! Car rides she is so quiet, and loves to lay her head on your lap in the car or home, anywhere. Rubbing her head and fur, you both will feel very connected and will feel love and peace.

So for a family (or a single person) that has active kids, or no kids, dogs or no dogs, a fenced in yard or rather go for walks,

... let Luna be your moon goddess.

So make a date for a meet and greet...1st fill out the ARF adoption form on our website: ARFOFWAYNECOUNTY.ORG

(no obligation to adopt) . Once completed; contact the Animal Refuge of Wayne County @ 912-586-6198.  


Charlie is a young male lab mix. His white fur is soft has the cutest sprinkling of dalmation spots.

He is about 70 lbs & less then 3 years old. 

He is a big baby.   ARF rescued Charlie from the pound and his first foster family had so many dogs and small kids, he was lost and forgotten about. They got tired of him trying to get any attention, so they didn't treat him to nicely,   So they turned him back to ARF and never looked back.  With his current foster family he blossomed!

Charlie loves to cuddle, he knows sit, stay, he can fetch and bring it back. He was starved for attention and just wants to be loved after being a stray and forgotten about.   He has so much love to give... just needs a family to love him back. 

 Charlie does great with a couple medium size dogs, just not so good with dogs his size, or small yapping dogs. Toddlers are okay if they don't keep screeching loudly at Charlie or pull his long swishy tail.   

He just wants humans to love him,  and Charlie will give you so much love in return.   

Charlie would love a large area to explore, and probably could be trained to walk in the woods off leash. Unsure on cats, but doesn't have an issue with the family rabbit. 

So if you need a loveable lab who would be very loyal to his new family; Charlie is the one for you. His clean white fur and big heart would glisten with love for his furever family! Charlie...just wants his dream of a good family to adopt him.

So make a date for a meet and greet...1st fill out the ARF adoption form on our website:  ARFOFWAYNECOUNTY.ORG

(no obligation to adopt)

SALLY aka Baby

Sally is ARF's big BABY! She answers more to "Baby" than Sally.   She is a hound mix with a bit of bulldog with bright white fur and light tan patches. She not quite 2 years old, with her shoulders close to  knee high.   Sally/Baby is around 60 lbs since she has grown since she was pulled from the pound several months ago.

 Her long white tail with a spot of tan, can swing fast when getting attention.  She loves getting rubs!

Sally – ARF's "Baby" is mostly quiet but can sing (howl) like most hounds when others in her pack also start a song. Generally she's is quite lovable and is currently in with numerous mix of dogs and puppies. She tends to hang in the back of the crowd waiting for her turn for attention. 

  Loves toddlers;  even moody teenagers! 

 "Baby" enjoys getting individual attention from her foster family, which is difficult with such a crowd of dogs! Cats are a non issue as they don't interact outside in the big dog yard, but inside they mostly ignore each other.

"Baby" is so loveable and would love a furever home.

For a meet & Greet...1st fill out the ARF adoption form on our website: ARFOFWAYNECOUNTY.ORG

 (no obligation to adopt) .  Once completed; contact the Animal Refuge of Wayne County @ 912-586-6198.  


Hi, I'm Ringo. I'm a lovable adult male, lab mix but definitely a puppy at heart. My foster mom says I'm a very good boy, I'm up to date on shots, microchipped, fixed and I'm house broken. I like running and playing, I get along with other dogs. I love lots of belly and ear rubs, and lots of love and attention. I enjoy intense cat watching, I walk good on a leash, like nice comfy dog beds and cuddling on the couch. I'll sit for treats and enjoy special treats like peanut butter and on special occasions whipped cream. You cant buy love but you sure can rescue it, and I've got plenty of love to give.

So make a date for a meet and greet...1st fill out the ARF adoption form on our website: ARFOFWAYNECOUNTY.ORG

(no obligation to adopt) . Once completed; contact the Animal Refuge of Wayne County @ 912-586-6198.  


Hi guys, Eden here! The lady who took me to my spay appointment called me a "pint sized cutie", so I guess that means I'm small and adorable! I absolutely adore people, the more folks to cuddle with and give me belly rubs the better! I'm great with children and don't mind cats, but to be honest I would prefer to be in a home with no other dogs.

Let's see, what are some good things about me? Well, I walk pretty nicely on a leash. I take treats gently, and know how to sit when my people tell me to. I'm still working on my housebreaking, since my previous owners didn't work with me much, but I sleep quietly in my crate...that makes up for it, right? I promise to be a really good girl and fill your life with love, all you have to do is contact the rescue who saved me and give me the chance of a lifetime.

I am spayed, up to date on all vaccinations, microchipped, and am on heartworm/flea prevention. 


Milo LOVES to play! He has a lot of energy and can go as long as you can. He is quite spoiled and sleeps in bed with his fosters. He usually goes outside on a leash so knows how to walk and behave when leashed. Milo is good with kids, he loves car rides and especially loves cuddles! He is still a chewer, though, so it is best to crate him if he is home alone.


Chance is a gorgeous 2 year old Walker Hound mix, just look at that coat and his big goofy hound grin! True to the nature of his breed Chance is a playful fella, he loves to run in the yard with his packmates and play fetch with his foster. While Chance is definitely dog friendly, we believe he prefers the company of the ladies more than the males. ;) He is housebroken, and crate trained(although he's not a big fan of it). He LOVES car rides, and sleeping in the bed with his foster parents...can you say spoiled? So c'mon hound lovers, you gotta meet this beautiful guy! 


Vera is great with kids and people! Vera is an inside/outside dog. She comes into the house with her foster mom during the day but she sleeps outside in her kennel at night. Her favorite spot when she is inside during the day is lying on the couch next to her foster mom. She is very much a “lap dog”. She tends to be nervous around other dogs. She would do well as a family’s only dog!


Truffles is a sweet 40 lb Chocloate brown bulldog with a splash of white on her chest.

This precious girl is less than a year old; house broken, loves kids and giving kisses!

Gets along great with others dogs, tolerates cats if she has to. Loves to go for car rides and walks great on leash. She thinks she a lap dog, and prefers watching cartoons with the kids, but will watch football with the adults. She loves to snuggle in human beds with the kids, but will sleep on a doggie bed near them. Truffles isn't a barker, unless she wants to alert you to pay attention. Truffles loves toys, and just loves to be with humans! She is waiting for her furever family.


Betty, a 6-8 year old Lab mix weighing about 35 lbs, was found chained to a tree at the home of a deceased individual. ARF was called in to help. We took 6 large breed dogs, Betty included, into our system. Betty was severely injured as she had been attacked by a loose dog. Her head and neck were swollen twice normal size and she had several large gaping wounds. After 9 days at the veterinary hospital (bill of about $1000) and a month of treatment in her foster home her injuries have healed. She may always have a few tale-tale scars. When she was able to walk we discovered, through x-rays, she has degenerative joint disease. That said, she is a sweet, loving little girl! She does well with the other dogs in her foster home. She still enjoys toys, cuddles, and the company of other dogs who are not extremely active. We hope an individual who is looking for a great companion will offer Betty the perfect home to call her own during her sunset years! Betty is house trained, spayed, micro chipped and up to date on vaccinations. Her adoption fee may be negotiable to the right home


Are you looking for a "settled" dog that is great with kids and dogs of all sizes?  Do you want one that is crate trained, walks great on a leash, sleeps on a doggie bed at night, loves to snuggle and even gets along with cats?  Consider our 4 year old Leo!