Meet Canella. Long story short we took Canella in 

to keep her from going into the pound.

A mobile home park/repair place had captured her and her male counterpart after they noticed that she was about to pop with puppies. The park had been feeding the couple for a year, but nobody claimed them as their own. Considering that’s no life for any dog, much less a mom and puppies, they decided to get them to safety.

The male was taken in by one of the workers and will be neutered in the near future.

However, nobody really had room for mom and babies. So ARF took her on as our own.

Her foster family gave her the name Canella, because she reminds them of cinnamon ❤️

We got her in for a once over, and to get her wormed, vaccinated, and microchipped...we also got the foster set up with the items she needs for the birth.

Now we wait.

Canella and her babies will be available for adoption as soon as they are ready. Adoption applications can be filled out now and kept on file for when they are ready to go.

This dog family was taken in from the community here in Wayne County as she was a stray. ARF stepped up and took her and her babies on as our responsibility, and now we are asking the community to step up and help sponsor this little family.