Camo, what a handsome guy eh?

This medium sized stunner is a personal favorite. He's a 1.5 year old Aussie/Catahoula/Border Collie mix. Friendly and personable, playful but surprisingly not wildly energetic. Both mama and daddy are working dogs on adjacent horse farms and got a little too friendly with each other. That situation with mama has been remedied. 

Camo was raised in a family with love and has never known what abuse or neglect is about, and his family turned him over to us so that he can find the perfect forever home without the fear of him ever being at risk.

He's good with other dogs(however we do recommend careful monitoring when feeding with a group of other dogs, he has a tendency to guard his food). He shares a kennel with an 8 month old female, Melody, and they have come to an understanding about the autofeeder. 

He's crate trained, knows basic commands and walks well on a leash. He has been around horses, has been on horseback camping trips, and would do well with an adventurous family. He's an awesome dog, and would make an excellent family pet. We do recommend a home with older children, 8+yrs.


Bitsy was brought in by her “Grandma”, as Bitsy’s dad had to go into long term treatment for his health. He had owned Bitsy’s mom for 9 years before Bitsy was born. They lost her mother around the time she was born, she resembled her mother and was a runt, so they kept her. Bitsy has remained a part of the family for 5 years. Tho she was loved, she never really got the proper care and was allowed to breed when she came into heat. Bitsy had her last litter around 12 weeks ago and her dad had become ill. He told his mother that it was all too much and if his mother didn’t find her a home he would shoot her.

We couldn’t have this for this sweet girl so we scooped her up.

Bitsy has been spayed, microchipped, wormed, and vaccinated. She is now ready for the forever home she deserves.

Bitsy is house trained, crate trained, does well on a leash, and seems to get along with everyone. Bitsy is very calm and quiet and will sit for hours and just take everything in.

She would be the perfect pet for an older couple that hangs out at home, or an active family that travels and experiences the world.

If you would like to make Bitsy a part of your family, we can certainly make that happen.


Jax is deaf. He had been in the county pound for THREE MONTHS with zero interest. The only rescue willing to pull him has pitbull fosters, and none of them wanted to take on a deaf herding/sporting dog. Nobody that came in the pound looking to adopt would give Jax a second look . I can't totally blame them, they can be a handful if you don't know what to expect.

Despite the shelter's best efforts to get him out, Jax had run out of time.

Luckily we ran across his handsome mugshot and were eager to spring him to freedom. A challenge has never stopped us from saving a life before, and it wouldn’t start with Jax.

Jax does very well for himself considering his shortcomings. We assume he’s was born deaf, because he knows the ropes of dog hood and needs no help to get around. He can be guarded and fearful of quick/fast movements.

He does well on a leash, in the crate, and in the home. He has shown no issues with other dogs or any human he’s met thus far.

He will need a home that can keep him safe as you can’t just simply call him back if he runs away from you.

He is very friendly and playful and would love a home with an active or adventurous family! 


Bella is a 2 year old purebred female Great Dane. Sweet and friendly. Good with other dogs. Housebroken, crate trained, and has been through obedience training. 

No young kids. Great Dane experienced home only please.

*Bella is currently awaiting her spay appointment. She will be spayed, microchipped, and vaccinated before leaving.

Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear is a 3 year old male American Bulldog/Catahoula Mix. Approximately 70-80lbs. If you love big dogs Teddy is your guy. Very active, loves to play.

Good with kids but we recommend a home with older children due to his size and energy level.

Crate trained and housebroken. Friendly, loves everyone he meets. Good with most other dogs.

Things to know about Teddy:

1. He is very active and will require an active family, or fenced back yard.

2. He is a very big/strong dog.

3. He has not been neutered yet, but has an appointment to do so. This is included in his adoption fee.