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Online Adoption Application

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Online Adoption Application

Please fill out completely to avoid delays in processing.

Street Address
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Do you own animals now?
Please include full name, address, and telephone number
Include name, address, phone number, and relation
The pet you are applying to adopt has been rescued. In consideration of the Animal Refuge Foundation of Wayne County (ARF) allowing the applicant to adopt said animal as a pet, and other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, the applicant hereby agrees as follows:
To be solely responsible for the animal and to provide adequately for its care and well being, including but not limited to the following: To properly feed, house, and water this animal, provide monthly heartworm preventative for this animal, provide regular vaccinations, parasite checks, exercise, and companionship. Notify ARF immediately if the animal is lost, stolen, or dies, and to make all reasonable efforts to find the animal if lost or stolen.
To understand that the pet I am adopting has been rescued therefore no long standing history is available prior to the pet being a foster rescue of ARF's. ARF foster rescues receive quality standard veterinary care, and seldom, but in some cases there is the possibility there may be an underlying health issue that goes undetected. ARF assumes no liability for these type issues, as we supply any medical records & history that is available on the foster rescue to the adoptive parent. ARF asks that the adoptive owner make compassionate, humane decision's for their pet's healthcare, but understands that in some cases humane euthanasia may be the option that is chosen. ARF will not hold any adoptive parent liable for humane decisions, especially those based on veterinary recommendation. ARF only asks that pets be returned in the event they can simply no longer keep the pet, so that ARF retains the re-homing process. Pets that may become ill due to the normal aging process or underlying issues are the adoptive owner's responsibility once ownership is assumed. ARF does not have the expectation that these pets be returned, as they are not eligible for re-homing.
If unable to keep the animal or to satisfactorily re-home it, contact ARF. ARF will attempt to assist you in re homing the animal and, in some cases, if a foster is available, can take the animal back. NEVER take the animal to an animal shelter.
To indemnify, defend and hold harmless, and hereby covenants not to sue or pursue any similar action against ARF or any of its members, volunteers, agents, and representatives (collectively, "releases") from any and all claims, demands, liens, causes of action, suits, obligations, controversies, debts, costs, expenses, fees (including but not limited to attorney's fees), damages, taxes, judgments, and orders of any kind or nature whatsoever, in law, equity, or otherwise, whether known or unknown, anticipated or unanticipated, relating to this animal you are adopting from ARF. Any breach of this agreement by the new owner(s), the new owner(s) interaction with any of the releases, any of the releases' cage of this animal prior to the date of this adoption certificate, or arising out of the conduct of this animal on or after the date of this adoption certificate.
I understand that ARF does not buy or sell animals, but finds homes for animals in need of a loving home. This adoption application or the transfer of this animal pursuant hereto is not a sale.
I agree to allow, at ARF's discretion, an ARF representative to make an in home visit and understand that ARF shall have the right to remove this animal from my home and care upon any misrepresentation in or breach of this adoption application by me.
If I am adopting a pet that is too young to be altered I agree to have the alteration surgery done by 6 - 7 months of pet's age through the ARF program and ARF agrees to pay the fee for same provided it is done through the ARF program.
If there is more than one individual applying to adopt this animal, each reference to "applicant", "/", "me" or similar terms shall mean all such applicants.
ARF does not sell animals. The adoption fee you are asked to pay is not refundable and it helps to offset the care your pet has received before you adopted it. ARF makes every effort to assure the pet you are adopting is current with necessary vaccinations and is healthy.
ARF Non-Refundable Adoption Fee to be paid:
May be paid online for a small fee to offset costs of debit/credit fees to ARF. (unless otherwise agreed up by ARF representative)
In witness wherefore, I hereby set forth my hand to the adoption application and indemnification agreement . I hereby agree that my typed name shall serve as my written signature and agreement to all stipulations set forth in this adoption agreement.
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