Last Chance
This program was started to help facilitate the adoptions
from the pound of the dogs who are on death row.
Animals who find themselves in the pound are only given
5 days for owners to pick them up and then they are
scheduled to die!  ARF volunteers go to the pound each
Monday afternoon and are allowed to photograph dogs
who are scheduled to be euthanized on Thursday. We
then post on FB at 4 pm and ask viewers to help share
their photos in hope of finding them an adopter to rescue
them. The fee is 70.00 to adopt a dog and 50.00 to adopt
a cat.  The fee includes the animals spay/neuter and also
rabies shots (this adheres to state and local laws).  Each
potential adopter is screened carefully by reference
checks as well as friend recommendations.  You do not
need to reside in Wayne county to adopt.  If you are a
licensed rescue group there will be no fee.  Please do not
call the animal control about the animals on last chance
as they do not have the man power to answer the calls.
You must show up at 3 pm on Wednesday to adopt after
being approved. You will fill out application and pay your
adoption fee at this time. Photo ID is required.
Click here to view our
Last Chance dogs
(available Monday
and Tuesday only)
Adoption Agreement